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 Khoris Kloset, originally founded in 2014, has always been unique and in a class of its own regarding fashion and style. As Khoris Kloset has evolved, it is now a combined representation of three totally different businesses that all have their own unique statements in fashion. Tired of having to search all over the internet for different types of clothes because it's never all in one place? Well we understand, trust... and that's why this store was created. Just like different atmospheres and occasions call for dressing accordingly, this online store calls for unique styles to match those occasions. Khoris Kloset is designed for women and mothers who may have a business meeting in the morning, a picnic in the park with the kids in the afternoon, a date later that evening with him and a weekend at the beach with your girls on your favorite island. No matter what attire the occasion calls for we've got you covered! Now we even have clothes for the kids.

We pride ourselves on your experience being top notch from the time you land on our site to the order arriving at your door. You'll even notice we had you in mind as you read about the items. We KNOW you'll just love it... Happy Shopping!

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About the Founder


This is Kay Samuels, also known as the Kay Patrice and founder of multiple businesses including Khoris Kloset. She got her first real job in the corporate world at 19.  She had a son at 21 and unfortunately also became a single mom the same day. when her son was sick, had an appointment, or anything at all came up she was the only one available to care for him. Her supervisor was in her late 50’s, childless, clueless about being a mom, and especially clueless about being a single mom. This was an extremely stressful time for her, and she knew she had to get away and control her own time. She also knew after having him and running into issues with childcare providers she wanted to be extremely hands on with her children. She decided to kill two birds in one stone by one, buying a house (while she still had a steady paycheck) so that she could two, start a licensed childcare home (and be home with her children)... so that’s what she did, she started her first business. Her journey through entrepreneurship has been a hell of a ride leading her to this store which has given her the platform to connect three of her current businesses in a creative way! As the owner of three totally different businesses, that require her to be a chameleon as she transitions between them she figured she'd bring them together and Khoris Kloset (relaunch) was born. Khoris Kloset represents her, motherhood, and her businesses in the same way she transitions between them. Kays Home Group is her real estate business and also now a clothing collection for the entrepreneurial/business woman which by the way BOSSING doesn’t mean basic or boring on this store 😉. Kays Getaways is her travel business and now also the swimwear/beachwear and travel/vacation collection 👙🩱🧳. There’s something for you whether you like to cover it up, show it all, or just look exotic in a luxury bungalow. Khoris Kloset collection itself represents the side of motherhood that allows you to find a sitter, let your hair down, bring your sexy out, go on a date, or paint the town with your girls as all the head turning reminds you that you’ve still got it💁💁. Then there’s Kaiden’s Korner because you know she couldn’t leave her kids out 👦👧‍🥰 That’s the kids collection that allows her to teach her children entrepreneurship and money management skills while allowing them to experience the power of freedom. Her decision to become an entrepreneur has allowed her to travel with, spend time with, and give her kids experiences whenever, however, and wherever she wants to. Khoris Kloset brought this puzzle and her vision together in one place through fashion so enjoy the outcome.